Tuesday, August 28, 2012

BrandTags Express Edition #20 :: Microsoft's New Logo

Shifting our attention from the Olympics 2012 which have been a fair success for London, we now move on to another landmark event in the history of one of the IT giants.

On 23rd August 2012, Microsoft unveiled a new Logo. Year 1987 was the last time when Microsoft had modified its logo and this one has come after nearly 25 years which is a significant time for any organization. Its believed that the change in the logo comes in the anticipation of one of the biggest launches for Microsoft in recent times - The Launch of Windows 8 in October 2012. The primary aim of this logo is to provide a common theme across the new launches which the company is planning. 

The new logo is shown below:

Segoe is the font using which the word "Microsoft" is written in the logo. The four colored square boxes represent the portfolio of products which are supported by Microsoft. The tagline of Microsoft remains the same - "Your Potential, Our Passion"

The tech community globally is not too happy with this new logo. There have been mixed view on the logo and people say that with this logo Microsoft has shown once again the bias towards Windows. Truly speaking it really does not represent the entire product line of Microsoft along with the fact that its very contemporary and dull. 

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