Sunday, July 30, 2006

9000 + and Still counting

Its a matter of great pleasure to know that the punchliners blog has touched 9000 mark and is still counting. Within a few days it will be touching 10000 mark that too in a short span of less than a year. Here are some facts and figures about the blog:

1. In the month of July 2006 the blog registered 900+ hits which makes it an average of 30 hits per day.

2. The highest week now corresponds to 258 hits.

3. 25th jul witnessed the highest number of hits in a single day amounting to 61.

4. This blog now features in close to 15 search engines globally.

5. An average of 588 visitors come to this site every month.

6. 197 is the number of websites which refer to this quiz site.

7. The total number of visits including reloads stands at a whopping 11506.

8. The site features close to 23 quizzes covering close to 300+ questions and a host of information about brands and other related areas.

Looking forward to celebrate the special occasion when the blog touches the 10000 mark. Thanks to one and all and the support rendered in the last 10 months.

Punchliners :: Quiz # 23

Hi All

I am back after a long time. Last three months were very busy for me since I was out of India so could not devote the required time for this activity. So here I am with yet another quiz in the series of punchliners. A small change in terms of the structure of the quiz. From now onwards we will have only 5 questions per quiz so that participants can answer them quickly. This week's theme is Dotcoms. So just crack the quiz:

1. The World's Online Market Place

2. Earth's Biggest BookStore

3. Pay Anyone Online

4. If you have a reason, we have the job

5. Push Button Publishing

Answers in a week's time. For Comments Answers Suggestions please mail to .