Monday, August 21, 2006

Punchliners :: Quiz # 24

Another set of Punchliners for you all. This time its the tyre manufacturers turn. Have a look and Lets see how many will crack them.


2. A better way forward

3. Accelerate your soul

4. Tyres with Muscle

5. Born Tough

Answers in a week's time. For Comments Answers Suggestions and feedback shot a mail to .

Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Golden Moment - 10000 Hits

Today is a great day for this quiz blog. It touched the magical figure of 10000 hits. This feat has been achieved in less than a year's time to be precise in 345 days.

Once again the work caught me up badly and I was not able to update the blog on this momentous occasion. It feels really great to have achieved this feat.

One of the prime keywords which gave me the idea of making this blog was the keyword PUNCHLINES. Whenever I used to search for punchlines or taglines of various companies, I never used to land up on the right website.

Moreover we never had any resource on the web which could give us a one stop shop for all quizzing needs on this topic.

After touching the 10000 mark in terms of the hits on the website, I feel my blog has served this purpose. The blog started with a quiz on IT companies and has now matured into a very interesting quiz on various topics which have a close relevance to the business. Average number of responses now stand at close to 31 per quiz which is pretty healthy number.

The topics which my blog has covered till now are as follows:

1. IT

2. Pharma

3. Automobile

4. Petroleum and Energy

5. Airlines

6. Logo Quiz

7. Tourism

8. Stock Exchange

9. TV Ads

10. Popular Brands Logo

11. Media

12. Banks and Financial Institutions

13. Insurance Companies

14. Retail

15. Consumer Electronics

16. NGOs

17. Steel Industry

18. Movies

19. Dotcoms

20. Miscellaneous

The way quizzing happens in this blog is something like this. A quiz is posted on a weekly basis. Answers are provided at the completion of the week. The answers are published together with the score card and ranking is given to the participants based on the number of correct entries, date and time of answer, the priority being in the order specified. After this trivia is presented about the various questions asked in the quiz.
Hope the trend continues. Thanks for the support provided by one and all.

Answers to Punchliners Quiz # 23

Here are the answers to Punchliners Quiz # 23

1. The World's Online Market Place - EBAY

2. Earth's Biggest BookStore - AMAZON.COM

3. Pay Anyone Online -

4. If you have a reason, we have the job - TIMESJOBS.COM

5. Push Button Publishing - BLOGGER.COM

The winner for this set of punchliners is Mr. GAUTHAM R.

Hearty Congratulations.