Sunday, November 06, 2011

BrandTags Express Edition #13 :: NOKIA Lumia Range

A week back Nokia released its first set of offerings based on the Windows Mobile Platform at the annual Nokia World event held in London. Nokia has moved on from its Symbian based platform to the Windows Mobile platform for its SmartPhone range. LUMIA is the first range of smartphones released by Nokia which are based on the Windows SmartPhone. 

There are two phones which are introduced under the LUMIA range. The Nokia Lumia 800 and 710. There is also a new range which is developed aiming the regional and low cost markets. This range is called as ASHA. The ASHA set of phones although not being SmartPhones provide a amazing QWERTY keyboard and touchscreen interface along with one click access to Social Networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. 

The tagline for Nokia Lumia 800 is Continuous Entertainment whereas the tagline for Nokia Lumia 710 is Designed Around You. ASHA set of phones will continue to denote the tagline of the Nokia corporation which is Connecting People

As part of this launch, Nokia also communicated its new ad campaign titled "The Amazing Everyday". 

For a closer look here is the photograph below of the Nokia Lumia 800:
Nokia Lumia 800