Tuesday, July 17, 2012

BrandTags Express Edition # 14 :: ROLEX

Talk about Wimbledon and you cannot ignore ROLEX

ROLEX is the official timekeeper for Wimbledon. It has a very catch tagline which goes like this:

A Crown for Every Achievement

The origin of ROLEX is credited to Hans Wildrof who thought for the first time a wrist watch instead of a pocket watch. There are also certain stories which explain how the name ROLEX came to be. Its akin to the French Phrase horlogerie exquise which means "Horological Excellence". Another story relates to the fact that ROLEX word is derived from the words ROLLS ROYCE and TIMEX, each of which is a hallmark of technology and precision. 

ROLEX has three watch lines Oyster Perpetual, Professional and Cellini.

Amongst other things, ROLEX has to its credit, first ever water proof watch named Oyster. 

There is tone down version of ROLEX which is available in the emerging markets primarily. Its called as TUDOR. 

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