Thursday, August 09, 2012

BrandTags Express Edition #18 :: Olympic Trivia

With the greatest sporting event of this year round the corner, it makes perfect sense to include some information relating to that as part of this blog. So here I am with some cool Olympic Trivia for all the readers to enjoy:

1. The opening ceremony of London 2012 Olympics was termed "Isles of Wonder"

2. London has hosted Olympics more number of times than any other city in the world. The 2012 edition was the third time, London has hosted Olympics. 

3. Danny Boyle, Fame director of The Slumdog Millionaire, was the "Artistic Director" of the opening ceremony of the games. 

4. The main theme of the Opening ceremony was "This is for Everyone"

5. To avoid any controversy around lighting of the Cauldron, Britain choose seven young atheletes who were nominated by Britain's Greatest Olympians. The names of those lucky individuals are : Callum Airlie, Jordan Duckitt, Desiree Henry, Katie Kirk, Cameron McRitchie, Aidan Reynolds and Adelle Tracey

6. David Beckham was the Olympic Ambassador for London 2012. 

7. 204 Nations are currently participating in the London 2012 Olympics across 26 sports. 

More Trivia to continue in next editions of BEE. 

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