Thursday, November 17, 2005

Answers to Quiz # 10

Answers Punchliners Quiz # 10

1. Make Every Day Exciting - (FORD MOTOR)

2. Keep Discovering – (EMIRATES AIR)

3. Hum Hain Na !!! – (ICICI BANK)


5. Shop. Eat. Celebrate. – (CENTRAL MALL)

6. Gain from our Perspective – (FRANKLIN TEMPLETON INVESTMENTS)

7. New you can Use. – (NDTV Profit)

8. All you Desire. – (TOYOTA INNOVA)

9. We know your game – (STAR SPORTS)


1. Inspite of an easy quiz, the responses were not upto the mark.
2. Very few people could get the SBI ad rightly which is a major heading in cities now these days.
3. With the Launch of FORD FIESTA, FORD Motors have come out with this new tagline.
4. Hum Hain Na is a new campaign by ICICI Bank replacing the older one Safer, Simpler, Smarter.
5. We Know your Game is the tagline for Star Sports. It comes very rarely on Star Sports

So the winner for this edition of Punchlines is

Mr. Balram K B with a score of 6. Congratulations Balram

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