Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Punchliners :: Quiz # 8

Here is the latest edition of Punchliners. In this set we have 9 taglines or ad slogans of the most famous stock exchanges throughout the world. Identify them. You need to name the exchange specifically and not the name of the country to which they belong. So here we go:

Punchliners Quiz # 8

1. Edge is Efficiency

2. The world puts its stock in us

3. Stock market for the digital world

4. The Index Company

5. It's Your Hollywood

6. Tomorrow Market's Today.

7. The World's Center for Non Ferrous Metal Trading

8. Equities. Options. ETFs.

9. Go for Growth

Answers will be provided in a week's time.
Mail your answers, comments, suggestions and feedback to mailto:yashasvi.arun@gmail.com

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