Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Punchliners Quiz # 5 Answers

Here are the answers for the Quiz # 5. Amazing responses this time from all the participants. I regret the delay in posting the answers for the quiz since I was out of station on the weekend.

Punchliners Quiz # 5 Answers
Simplifly (Air Deccan) (India)

The Joy of Flying (Jet Airways) (India)

There's no better to fly (Lufthansa) (Germany)

The world's most refreshing airline. (Swiss Air) (Switzerland)

The Way to Fly. (British Airways) (Britain)

A breath of Fresh Air (Air Canada) (Canada)

The spirit of Australia (Qantas) (Australia)

The Reliable Airline (KLM)(Netherlands)

Fly with friends. (Austrian Airlines) (Austria)

Emotionally yours. (Sahara)(India)

It's time to fly.(United Airlines) (United States of America)

Going Beyond Expectations (Malaysian Airlines) (Malaysia)

Fly the good times (Kingfisher Airlines) (India)

Work Hard, Fly Right (Continental Airlines) (United States of America)

Your never forget your first time (Virgin Atlantic)( United States of America)


1. For the question no 9 all the responses were Oman Air corresponding to one of the links in the Google. But the correct answer is Austrian Airlines. Refer to Business Today October 9 Edition Page no 35.
2. KLM is the only airline where three consecutive letters of the English alphabets make the name of an airline. KLM stands for - Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij which translates into English as Royal Dutch Airlines.
3. Name of the countries to which these airlines belong are also provided in answers above.
4. United Airlines had filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 11 in July 2005. Currently it is undergoing Restructuring.

Now is the time for the winners and scores for this edition of punchliners.


Rank Name Total Score
1 Samir Deshmukh 14
2 Raj 14
3 Jitendra Kumar 14
4 Swapna Pyati 14
5 Chandan Shahi 14
6 S Vijay Anand 13
7 Arun Caashyap 13
8 Shashi Viyappu 13
9 Madhav Nuttaki 13
10 Pooja Jain 12
11 Sandhya Raghunathan 12
12 Nikita Swarnakar 12
13 Aravind Ghosh Suri 12
14 Sanjeev Mittal 11
15 Amitabh Dalal 11
16 Vinod Krishna 10
17 Ahmad Firdaus 7
18 Santosh A Chachadi 6
19 Vikram Trai 6
20 Kunal Mehta 5
21 Jeevesh Gupta 4
22 Santy 4
23 Srikanth 3

So the winner for this edition of Punchliners is

The ranking is based on the date and time at which answers were sent.

The next edition of Punchliners will be out within a few hours of this mail. Hoping for a great response yet again.

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