Saturday, September 03, 2011

BrandTags Express Edition #6 :: Global Fast Food Chains

Last night I was reading a article on Bloomberg on Burger King, regarding how the restaurant is looking at revamping its existing brand identity of King to something which is more closer and relates better to the families. The article is right here. Lets look at the global fast food chains as part of this edition. So here we go:

1. McDonalds 
  • Global Tagline: I'am lovin' it is the global marketing campaign of McDonalds used across almost every country. 
  • Mascot: Ronald McDonald is a clown which is a primary mascot of McDonalds Restaurant.
  • Logo: The main logo which represents the M is actually the Golden Arches Logo introduced by Richard and Maurice McDonald
  • Big Mac Index: Another achievement of McDonalds is the Big Mac Index. The Economist uses the price of the ubiquitous McDonald's meal to calculate the "Big Mac Index", a guide showing how far from fair value different world currencies are. The Big Mac theory (a.k.a. purchasing-power parity, or PPP) says that exchange rates should even out the prices of Big Macs sold across the world.

2. Burger King
  • Global Tagline: Taste is King
  • Mascot: The King
  • Logo: The current logo is Burger King written in two bun halves engulfed by a blue crescent. 
  • Often abbreviated as BK
3. TacoBell
  • Global Tagline: Think outside the Bun
  • Mascot: The Taco Bell
  • Logo: Bell 
  • Famous for its Taco's and products which are all under $ 1. Primarily Mexican food. TacoBell, KFC and Pizza Hut are part of the Yum Group of Restaurants. Created out of the spun from PepsiCo in 1997. 

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