Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Punchliners :: Quiz # 21

I am back with a new quiz in the Punchliners series. It has something to do with the movies. We all know that every movie comes with a tagline which kind of becomes a hallmark for the movie. The business of tagline applies equally to the movies as well. So here we have 10 national as well international movies which were Magnum Opus off their times. Figure them out.

1. Where will you be

2. An Adventure 65 Million Years In The Making

3. Collide With Destiny.

4. Come and Fall in LOVE

5. In the Year of Darkness, 2029, the rulers of this planet devised the ultimate plan. They would reshape the Future by changing the Past. The plan required something that felt no pity. No pain. No fear. Something unstoppable.

6. The Saga is Complete

7. At the edge of the world, his journey begins

8. The greatest Story ever told.

Answers in a week's time.
For answers, suggestions, comments please mail to yashasvi.arun@gmail.com .

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