Saturday, March 04, 2006

Answers to Quiz # 20

Here are the answers to the latest edition of Punchliners the LOGO ROUND.

1. Nintendo Game Cube

2. BeOS Operating System

3. Debian Linux

4. Microsoft Office Infopath

5. Apple ITunes

6. Google Picasa

7. Altavista Search Engine

8. Music Match JukeBox

9. Apple Quicktime

1. This edition of punchliners saw scoring going down to least ever.
2. Inspite of a easy set of logos people were not able to get all of them right and highest score turned out to be 6 only which is pretty disappointing.
3. No One could answer the second logo which is half part of the BeOS operating system logo.

The Winner for this edition of Punchliners is ROHIT NAIR. Congratulations Rohit.
Next edition of Punchliners will be out soon. Till then Happy Punchlining.


Mukund said...

this is fun

Great work

Unknown said...

i want to all companies tag lines.