Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Answers to Quiz # 17

Here are the answers for Punchliners Quiz # 17.


1. Like. No. Other. - SONY

2. Everyone's Invited or Its hard to Imagine - SAMSUNG

3. Life's Good - LG

4. The Indian Multinational - VIDEOCON

5. Born in Japan Entertaining The World - SANSUI

6. Inspired Living - HAIER

7. Sense and Simplicity - PHILLIPS

8. The Perfect Experience - JVC

9. Choose Freedom - TOSHIBA


1. Five people got all the nine questions right. They are Prateek, Sanjeev, Harish, Sylvian, Pranav. Kudos to them.
2. Among all the entries above only VIDEOCON is an Indian brand. The origin for rest of the cos is as follows Sony (Japan), Samsung (Korea), LG (Korea), Sansui (Japan), Haier(China), Phillips(USA), JVC( Japan), Toshiba(USA)
3. JVC Company of America is a division of JVC Americas Corp., which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Victor Company of Japan, Limited. JVC is one of the world's leading developers and manufacturers of sophisticated audio, video and related software products. JVC stands for Victor Company of Japan or Japan's Victor Company.
4. Haier one of the chinese consumer electronic giants major has entered the indian market very recently. Another example of chinese invasion into the Indian market.

Congratulations to our regular quizzer Mr. Prateek Vijayvargia for winning this quiz.

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