Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Answers to Quiz # 15

At the outset wish you a happy new year.
Here are the answers to the latest edition of Punchliners. I regret the delay in posting the answers and the winners.
Answers :: Punchliners :: Quiz # 15
1. Always low prices. Always. - WALMART

2. Like no other store in the world - BLOOMINGDALES

3. You can do it. We can Help. - HOME DEPOT

4. Every Little Helps - TESCO

5. The spirit of Commerce - METRO

6. Costs less to get more - KROGER

7. Is se sasta aur Achcha kahee nahee milenga - BIG BAZAAR

8. The stuff of life. - KMART

9. Shop. Eat. Celebrate - CENTRAL


1. CENTRAL and BIG BAZAAR are household names in major indian cities. CENTRAL is present right now in 3 cities in India. Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad
2. METRO Cash and Carry has its presence in Bangalore.
3. Walmart is world's biggest company in terms of sales with close to 287 billion dollars.
4. Home Depot is world's fourth biggest company in terms of sales according to Fortune.
5. Second biggest store in USA TARGET is the one which is missing in this list.

Congratulations to Arun Panicker for scoring first in this quiz.

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