Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Punchliners :: Quiz # 15

Here is the latest addition of Punchliners. This time we have the hottest topic of this year and the topic on which maximum discussion happens in parliament when FDI is talked about. Yes you guessed it right its Retail and here we have the top retailers globally. So figure them out. Here we go. Who knows you may see all of them in India soon.
Punchliners :: Quiz # 15
1. Always low prices. Always.

2. Like no other store in the world

3. You can do it. We can Help.

4. Every Little Helps

5. The spirit of Commerce

6. Costs less to get more

7. Is se sasta aur Achcha kahee nahee milenga

8. The stuff of life.

9. Shop. Eat. Celebrate

Answers in week's time.

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it's really great.