Monday, December 05, 2005

Answers to Quiz # 12

Here are the answers for Punchliners 12th edition

Punchliners 12th Edition Answers
1. The Magazine of the Corporate World - BUSINESS INDIA

2. For Managing Tomorrow - BUSINESS TODAY

3. Intelligent Computing - CHIP

4. Your Technology Navigator - DIGIT

5. Play the Game - BUSINESS WORLD

6. Journalism of Courage - The Indian EXPRESS

7. The Power of Knowledge - THE ECONOMIC TIMES

8. The Name India trusts for News - HINDUSTAN TIMES

9. Read a Bestseller everyday - THE DAILY TELEGRAPH


1. Five people scored full in this quiz. They are Amresh, Bankim, Pranav, Arun and Lalit. Kudos to them.

2. Most of the people got the quiz close to right. A few were confused with the last question.

3. CHIP till the year 2000 was owned by the Jasubhai Digital Media. But from 2000 onwards the Jasubhai came out with the Digit magazine and Chip started coming out sometime in 2003 as an independent publication.

4. Business Today belongs to the TV Today Group, Business India belongs to the The Hindu Group.

5. Only The daily telegraph, UK's national news paper was a foreign entry here.

So the winner for this edition of Punchliners is Mr. Amresh Kumar. Congratulations !!!!!!!!!!!

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