Monday, September 26, 2005

Punchliners Quiz # 4

Quiz # 4
In this edition of punchliners we have the answer as the question. Given below are 15 punchlines and taglines. Just tell the brand or the company they belong to.
(Hint: All the Companies or Brands listed here are either top petroleum or energy companies.)

1. Taking on the World’s Toughest Energy Challenges

2. Human Energy

3. Growth is Life

4. Beyond Petroleum

5. Making Tomorrow Brighter

6. Bringing Energy to Life

7. Pure for Sure

8. The World is Watching us. 10 Years in Formula One

9. Pure bhi. Poora bhi

10.Gas and Beyond

11. Always Moving Forward

12. Trademark of Energy

13. A positive a++itude

14. High Performance Petrol (Hint: Brand of BPCL)

15. 100 % Performance. Everytime. (Hint: Brands of IOCL)

Send your responses to Answers in a Week's time.

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