Sunday, October 23, 2011

BrandTags Express Edition #11 :: VERTU

VERTU is a global luxury brand of mobile phones which are handmade with the finest of the materials sourced globally. The keys are made from Sapphire, the leather is sourced from Northern Europe and the material is resistant to almost anything you can think off. The most interesting thing about VERTU is that its a fully owned division of NOKIA and continues to remain profitable since inception. 

The tagline of VERTU is Experience Life, Beautifully Arranged

Recently in Malaysia, VERTU released its first SmartPhone called as Vertu Constellation Quest. Specialty of VERTU phones include services like VERTU CONCIERGE, VERTU FORTRESS, VERTU CERTAINTY, VERTU REMOTE ASSIST and VERTU ME. 

Logo of VERTU is below:


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