Saturday, February 11, 2006

Answers to Quiz # 18

Delayed answers for Quiz No . 18. I regret the delay.

1. CRY - Child Relief and You

2. CSIM - To Learn To Heal To Raise

3. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation - Bringing Innovations in Health and Learning to the Global Community

4. Amnesty International - Working to Protect Human Rights Worldwide

5. GIVE - Giving Impetus to Voluntary Effort

6. Rotary International - Service Above Self

7. Blue Cross India - Working for Animals Since 1954.

8. Together WE PREPARE - American Red Cross

9. VOICE - Helping Children Write their Future

I have no clue of who is this AA since he/She did not mention the name in the mail. But this person is the winner of this quiz which registered least response till date.

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