Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Answers :: Quiz # 14

Here are the answers for the Quiz # 14 of Punchliners Series. ==========================
Punchliners :: Quiz # 14 Answers
1. Have You Met Life Today - Metropolitan Life Insurance Company or Metlife.

2. The Power on your side - Allianz Group

3. Growing and Protecting your wealth - Prudential Insurance Company

4.We know Money - AIG or American International Group Insurance Company

5.Trust thy name is ------- (The fill in the blank itself is the name of the organization) - LIC

6. Be Life Confident - AXA UK

7. You are in good hands - Allstate Insurance Company

8. Your Partner for life - Max NewYork Life Insurance

9. Positively Different. - Standard Insurance Company Limited.


1. Luke warm response for the quiz once again. The reason I believe being the topic again. Not good number of people amongst us would be interested in an insurance company or working in this field.

2. Most of the people gave the answers as the JVs which are operating in India like Bajaj Allianz for Allianz. Infact most of the indian companies in insurance sector have a different tagline associated with them. For example ICICI Prudential has the tagline "We cover you at every Step of life". So the answer for these question is the foreign parent only and not the Indian JV.

3. Four people scored 9 out of 9 in this quiz. They are Arun, Vaibhav, Praveen and Saritha. Cheers to them.

4. Metlife's India partners are J&K Bank, Karnataka Bank> and Dhanalakshmi Bank.

5. Allianz group has the JV with Bajaj group and is one of the big players in the insurance market in India. HDFC has a tie up with Standard Insurance company for Life Insurance business. ICICI with Prudential Financial. Tata group with AIG.

6. Very recently Bharti Group (AirTel) had decided to enter into the Insurance business. They have partenered with the AXA group , a french Insurance major. The company is expected to roll out in 2006.

7. Kotak Mahindra group also has tie up with Old Mutual, which is a very big financial group based out of london. Kotak's life insurance partner, Old Mutual, while it is based in London (for reasons unknown), it is South Africa's largest insurance company and has significant presence there. Its presence in UK is minimal.

8. In this insurance market, the leader is LIC with over 74% of the market share and the other 13 companies share the remaining 26% of the market. ICICI Prudential followed by Allianz Bajaj and HDFC Standard Life are the leaders among private life insurers

9. FDI Cap in Insurance sector currently stands at 26 % but in the budget the proposal has been made to hike it to 49 %.

Congratulations to Arun Panicker
for scoring the first place in such a difficult quiz.

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