Monday, October 24, 2005

Answers to Quiz # 7

Answers Punchliners # 7
1. God's Own Country (Kerala)

2. 365 days on a holiday (Goa)

3. The Kohinoor of India (AP)

4. The Very Heart of India (MP)

5. Full of Surprises (Chattisgarh)

6. Simply Colorful (Rajasthan)

7. The Perfect Host (Himachal Pradesh)

8. Amazing Heritage, Grand Experience (UP)

9. Complete Destination (West Bengal)


1. Most of the people got mixed up with responses, the reason being I believe the google search.

2. Two people ended up getting all the correct answers for the first time in this series. They are AJAY RAO and JITENDRA KUMAR.

3. For the 8th Ad slogan people gave Tamilnadu as the answer but the correct answer is UP. Refer the UP Tourism website for details. Tamilnadu has Enchanting Tamilnadu as its ad slogan.

4. Very few people could figure out the state in case of "The Perfect Host".

Congratulations to AJAY RAO and JITENDRA KUMAR for scoring full points in this quiz.

But the winner for this edition of Punchliners is MR. AJAY RAO. Congratulations.!!!!!!!!!!!

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